Product Features

VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows customers to use their LAN (Local Area Network) applications securely over a tunnel through the public Internet. Instead of using a dedicated connection between the device and a server, such as leased line, a VPN tunnel provides encrypted secure ‘virtual’ connections routed through the public Internet directly from the mobile device to the company’s private (local) network. IPSec VPN tunnel to Top Connect is a static, highly encrypted and “always-on” connection between your Private Network and your Private APN (virtual private network domain of SIMs).

This feature adds an extra level of security, allowing your Application server to be isolated from the Public Internet and data transport not to be exposed to Public Internet! In addition to the direct network-to-network connectivity, you get an option to control Public Internet access of all SIMs within your Private APN setup!

This is a very good option to protect your business from DOS attacks and data sniffing and manipulation by hackers!

Our VPN service is available only to customers who use the Private APN service from Top Connect.
A VPN tunnel is a prerequisite for those customers who would like to use the Private Static IP addresses assigned to their SIM cards.

VPN service setup diagram:

An IPSec VPN tunnel between Top Connect’s VPN Gateway and M2M customer’s VPN Router allows hosts in their private networks to access hosts (SIM cards) in the private network address space of Top Connect. This ensures the security of the data, which is encrypted and transmitted directly between two points!