Product Features

Default M2M service organisation implies use of a default service APN, provisioned to all M2M SIMs of Top Connect. Direct connections between SIM cards on a default service APN are prohibited and SIM cards are isolated from each other in a Private IP space, under control of Top Connect. Every SIM card provisioned with a default service APN can access Public Internet and all services available on the Public Internet!

If your M2M application has a Public Internet address and the service is configured to collect one-way communication only (SIM-to-Server) or your Endpoint devices establish direct VPN tunnels over the Public Internet to your Private network to allow bi-directional connectivity (adding your local network IP to every endpoint device via VPN connection), the default service is a great fit for you!

Default service APN, connectivity diagram:

Otherwise, please review the extra features of Top Connect’s M2M product to find the perfect solution for your application.

Private APN is an extra feature of Top Connect’s M2M product. Private APN is a virtual private network domain for your M2M SIMs that can allow intra-group (SIM-to-SIM) connectivity and may be added with specific traffic management rules (effective to all SIMs in the virtual private network domain) to limit specific kinds of traffic to be exchanged between Endpoints and Public Internet services. For example, it is possible to allow connections only to a specific Public IP address – your application address – and all other traffic will be prohibited for data security reasons or simply to avoiding misuse of service.

NB! Private APN is a prerequisite for VPN service and Private Static IP service available with our Top Connect M2M Product! IP Filtering is also available with Private APN service.