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The wholesale partnership gives partners the most advanced options for product creation! In addition to features available to the distributors,  wholesale partners can manage retail rate plans, use multiple currencies, port own managed DIDs for voice and SMS communication and even use a remote billing system for services provisioning to end-users!

Wholesale accounts are postpaid with monthly billing based on CDR data and wholesale rate plans. Wholesale rates are provided to partners by Top Connect every time there is a change in network details, service types or rates. Wholesale partners calculate retail rates to be installed in the billing system and return changes to Top Connect for implementation. Wholesale partners can use variable margin levels per destination or network.

Minimum requirements for wholesale partnership:

  • Partner is a registered company or sole trader
  • Copy of the company registration certificate should be provided to Top Connect
  • Copy of personal photo-ID of the Person signing the Agreement
  • In case signatory is not listed as company owner or manager in the registration certificate, the power of attorney letter is required
  • Security deposit min. 2000 EUR
  • Minimum SIM cards order: 500 SIM cards
  • Passing a training session

List of features available only to wholesale partners:

  • Remote Billing Protocol
  • Electronic SIM profiles & e-profile platform
  • SIP/SMPP interconnect for voice and SMS exchange

This Partnership is for you, especially if:

  • You are a SIM distributor for a roaming product you can provide to your clients.
  • You are in the telecommunication industry and looking for a new service to gain a competitive advantage over other
  • You are a VOIP provider and are looking for a new income stream.
  • You are a telecommunication whole seller and looking to add an additional product to your portfolio.
Program details

White label or Branded sim cards

Prepaid and postpaid solutions

Commission starting from 35%

Standard rates and packages

Multiple currencies

Management interface access

API access

Partnership application

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