Frequently Asked Questions


You don´t have to activate the SIM cards but you have to choose if you would like to use per/mb pricing or you´ll buy the data plans to the SIM card/cards.

The credit is allocated to your corporate account and in case you´ll buy the data plan, the cost of the data plan is taken from your corporate balance. You can buy data plans under My Account.

In case you would like to use per/mb pricing, you must set up the automatic recharge for the SIM card/cards. The cost of the data is not taken from the corporate balance but from the SIM card. Therefore you must set up the automatic recharge to the SIM card/ cards before any per/mg usage.

You can set it up under My Account and “Manage” menu.


Yes,  we provide wide choice of data plans for better pricing.

Yes, you can buy data plans for better pricing under My Account.

Please note that all the data plans are recurring data plans.

It means that in case one data plan is consumed or the validity date is over, the next data plan will be activated automatically.

You’ll only have to make sure that your account has enough balance. The cost of the data plan is deducted from your main account balance (not from the sim card balance).

In case you don´t want to use the data plans anymore, you can cancel it under My Account– Manage SIM cards.


M2M SIM card credit lasts one year (12 months) from your last recharge/top-up. Your SIM card will stay “live” as long as you recharge/top up once in 12 months.

If you are purchasing a data plan, the valid timespan is stated on each data plan (normally 30 days from activation).  Your time allowance will start running from the moment you activate the data plan.


You can add credit easily online at any time. You simply have to choose  the amount of credit and make the payment (via credit card or Paypal). After successful payment, the credit is added to your account.

Please keep in mind, that the credit will go to the main account. You have to set up the automatic recharge for the SIM cards if you use per/mb pricing.

Steps to add credit.

  • Go to “My Account” area
  • Choose  the amount of credit
  • Make payment

Automatic recharge functionality enables you to create and manage the automations for the SIM recharges (to move credit from account balance to  the SIM card/ cards). Automatic recharge rule can be set up under  “Manage SIM” under My Account.

In case you would like to use per/mb pricing model, you have to transfer the credit to the SIM card/cards. It can be done by setting up the automatic recharge rule.

Example: Account balance is 25€ ja you have 5 SIM cards. You would like to use per/mb pricing model.

  • Yo have to allocate some credit to each SIM card.
  • By using “automatic recharge” functionality you can set up that 1€ credit will be always the minimum balance of the SIM card. In this way you assure that the SIM card has always enough credit to use the service.
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