Product Features


Our SIM software supports automatic backup-mobile-subscription (IMSI) for improved connectivity in regions where mobile network coverage is difficult. Backup IMSI can be pre-loaded on a SIM while at the personalization stage or right at the production stage. Alternative new subscriptions can be loaded remotely, at any time via Over The Air (OTA) protocol.

Several “base” subscriptions can be stored on a SIM. A preferred network list is configured to define which IMSI will be used for each MCC/MNC combination as a default subscription and, if required, any other available IMSI can be used as a backup.

IMSI fallback logic

If any IMSI cannot register in the network, the SIM applet will automatically switch to an alternative backup IMSI. No communication with the network provider is required, the SIM software has full control of this task. While on a backup IMSI, the applet will use USSD protocol to ask backend servers if the SIM should stay on a backup or try to reload the base subscription.

Remote (OTA) execution of “SIM Refresh”

When a network registration process hangs or some of the services are not functioning there is a way to initiate the SIM refresh procedure on a remote device. This helps to resolve problems that were previously only possible to clear by initiating a hardware restart.

Cell-ID location API command

An alternative method to detect the geo-location of the SIM card based on the GSM network data. This is useful in case the device has a faulty GPS/GLONASS module or it is located in a spot where GSM coverage is the only available option, such as in underground mines, tunnels, subways or similar.

Industry-specific software design

Along with the above-mentioned features, our SIM software limits some UI functions that are not being used in the M2M/IoT devices, as they are prone to triggering problems. Features such as ‘SIM Menu’, ‘Display text’ and similar are commonly available on generic SIM cards. However, M2M devices do not imply any customer interaction and, as a result, unknown command execution may impede the functioning of the M2M device software. Top Connect M2M/IoT SIM card software prevents these kinds of problems from happening!