Distributor program

Start Your Own Global Roaming SIM Card

Distributor program allows parners to re-brand and customize some of the features of the Top Connect International SIM card product. This is a start program where Starter Kit packages, services, payment terms and options are defined by the distributor under a custom brand.

The cooperation between Top Connect and the Distributor is prepaid, therefore very secure.

It is practically impossible to run into overspending and lose control over airtime in the system.

Distributor program gives partner full access to its customer’s data, settings, usage records and other statistics allowing to define user experience in a manner the Partner likes. Management tools and XML API allow transparent integration of every aspect of the service into a custom website. All marketing and sales strategies are under full control of the Distributor. Top Connect goes not get exposed to end-users at all!

Distributors are able to choose the service to be provided in either EUR or USD currency, where retail rates and coverage is under control of Top Connect. The same level of commission is integrated in all rates and charges, making it easier to calculate profits.

Application process is very easy.

Top Connect is ready to cooperate with any registered company or sole trader, all over the world, provided that the business is officially registered and the country of residence is not under trade sanctions of EU, prohibiting such business operations.

Account activation requires:

  • Purchase of minimum 250 SIM cards
  • Purchase of minimum 500 EUR (USD) airtime credit

Steps to complete before sales launch:

  • Starter Kit design and packaging
  • Website with product description, rates & coverage and online recharges
  • Recharge/ top- up solution via online or scratch cards
  • Marketing materials preparation
  • Support line setup (provided by Top Connect)
  • Sales training
  • Marketing plan

This Partnership is for you, especially if:

  • You are a SIM card reseller or mobile distributor and looking for a product you can provide to your clients.
  • You are in the aviation industry (cabin crew/ pilots/ ground staff/ storage company) and looking to start a new investment.
  • You have access to travel or tourism industries and looking for roaming service to add value into your portfolio.
  • You are in the telecommunication industry and looking for a new service to gain competitive advantage over other
  • You are in e-commerce industry and looking for new opportunities.
  • You are in car hire industry and looking for new opportunities.
  • You are operating vending machines and looking for new opportunities.
Program details:

Private label sim cards

Prepaid and postpaid solutions

Commission starting from 30%

Standard rates and packages

Multiple currencies

Management interface access

API access

Training session

Partnership application

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