COVID-19: Message to our Partners

Dear Valued Partners,

Hello from all of us at Top Connect. The quote, “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures,” has never been more true than it is today. The COVID–19 pandemic has made us all have to totally rethink everything that we do, personally, and in our business. It has given us all challenges we never anticipated.

At Top Connect, we want you to know that you are not alone. We are here with you every step of the way. If you have problems we encourage you to call us to discuss it immediately, if not sooner. Whatever it may be, from logistics to payment issues, a credit crunch, or just wondering how in the world your business will survive, call! It is our top priority to help you!

Extraordinary challenges are not new to us. At Top Connect we have faced many.
We stayed positive and we came out a stronger company, every time.

Telecommunications is an essential service. Your Top Connect team are all working from home, following ALL the guidelines from the health department and our business is operating at full strength, at all levels of operation. We are delivering SIM Cards and even acquiring new Accounts.We are working at full speed to launch exciting new Products to be ready for eventual Travel market recovery.

We just launched a new revolutionary data plan for $1 a day covering 121 countries. We are improving eSIM by adding Voice and SMS functionality. eSIM is more than before meets the needs of nonphysical delivery where boarders are closed.12 digits sim card launched last month allow to use discount price advantages. We are developing a dynamic APP to help Customers manage their Service. Our M2M Business segment is growing rapidly, we are investing to making it more robust and encourage you to take full advantage of M2M opportunity.

Our aim is to create Products that you can take anywhere and still be connected to your loved ones without having to risk the danger of going out. Something local sim cards cannot do. It’s not only social distancing at its finest, it is what we are building our successful future on. Together.

We are your telecommunications solutions company. Always have been, always will be. Remember the wise words of Dwight D. Eisenhower “Pessimism never won any battle.” This is what we believe. And, oh yes, don’t forget…

With Kind Regards,
Top Connect Team

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