Connect, manage and control your IoT & M2M devices globally

Global coverage

The best roaming connection through national roaming without steering

Connectivity management

Full control over your globally distributed devices

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Grow your business with transparent and fair pricing

Data plans

87 countries with data plans for cheaper prices

Private network

Protect your devices from unauthorized access with a virtual private mobile network.

Always the strongest connection

We want your device to always be connected to the strongest network. This is why we offer national roaming without steering and enable your devices to connect to the best network at each location without privileging a certain operator. Thus it guarantees a strong and stable connection at all times.

Be connected in 135+ countries

Top Connect can connect to more than 350 networks in 135+ different countries. For you, this means you do not need to manage different contracts, different customer portals or different contact persons for each country. With Top Connect, you have your all-in-one package.

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Fair pricing, full control

Working with Top Connect, you benefit from a clear pricing structure and high flexibility. Data plans for 85+ countries provide extra savings. You only pay for your active SIM cards. SIM cards can be activated and deactivated at any time via our customer portal.

Technologies and form factors

We know that every project has different needs and that no device is the same. Therefore our M2M solution supports various cellular standards and form factors.

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Highest security

Whether sensitive or critical data, with Top Connect M2M you have a wide selection of options to protect your data.

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Free testing phase

We know that our SIM card will be an important part of your infrastructure. It’s only reasonable that you want to test it, before deploying it to hundreds or thousands of devices. Naturally we offer a free testing phase. Sign up now!

We believe that for IoT to be user-friendly, it must be easy to get started. This is why we offer our free trial kit. You can easily start connecting your devices, optimize the performance, and bring your product or service to market faster. Globally!

What you get: 5 SIMs with connectivity and full access to our IoT Control Center.